P3M3 - Maturity Analysis

P3M3 - Maturity and Capability Assessment

Critical P3M is an Axelos Consulting Partner and an approved P3M3 assessor. This allows us to assess portfolio, programme, project management and maturity models (P3M3) for you, both in the UK and abroad. A capability and maturity assessment will provide you with an independent, world-recognised view of how well your project(s), programme(s), portfolio(s) are/is performing. The structure of the assessment will, in any case, give you an insight into best performing perspectives and areas for improvement.

We offer multiple levels of P3M3 assessment:
  • facilitating self-assessments
  • delivering fully-certified assessments 
  • delivering full assessments with diagnostics and support

Critical P3M understands that client requirements and project characteristics are dynamic and complex. This guides the approach that we take – we are also able to advise you on which approach best suits you, given your organisation's characteristics and your stated objectives. 

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