Decision Support Information

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Decision Support Information

All too often, organisations have inadequate or no decision support systems. This leads to a vacuum of relevant information, counterproductive and competing channels of thought, and poor decision-making. The acid test - “do we have the information to substantiate our decisions?” - is thought of once decisions are already taken. 

The solution can be simple. Critical P3M's approach incorporates all the information, stakeholders and stated goals of an organisation to produce, in close concert with all involved, an architecture and visualisations allowing better-informed decisions and yielding improved outcomes. 
Decision support does not always require a large, costly approach. In all cases, there are four constants that are key to success:
  • Initial agreement on key principles and governance – the foundation of decision support
  • implementation of information management across all required areas
  • work collaboratively to ensure alignment with your wider organisational strategy
  • constantly ensure effective communication, optimising efforts in light of feedback

Critical P3M has vast experience in reporting systems from multinational to very small organisations. We can approach any project and bring years of experience with similarly-sized organisations and goals to bear, and leverage existing management information principles.  

Our flexibility extends to the tools used. Critical P3M can work with a variety of systems and software. Critical P3M has worked and developed bespoke solutions using SharePoint, MS Project and Project Server, but we happily consider any other systems. We are also able to advise you on the system integration required to produce and design reports appropriate to you. 

Relationships with clients are the most valuable part of our offering. We are fully prepared to discuss which options you require – and once settled on a pathway, we emphasise the importance of continuing discussion between stakeholders to fully optimise engagement and results. Contact us for a full consultation.

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